7 Best Smelling Cologne for Men In 2017

Ring in the New Year with a new Cologne

Its a new year and we all want to continue smelling good when we go out. Here we review 7 of the Best Smelling Colognes for Men on the market in 2017, any of which can be easily purchased by clicking on their image:

Best Smelling Cologne For Men
Its a New Year, why not try a new cologne?


Nautica Voyage By Nautica for Men Eau De Toilette Spray

Very clean, fresh and long-lasting cologne for men. Initially, you may feel like you are using Fahrenheit by Christian Dior but Nautica Voyage is much toned down and on an average, it lasts for around 10 hours.

The musk and cedar add a pleasing smell to the perfume. It’s the best cologne if you are going out for a date with a person who is adventurous and loves the ocean because the notes of green apple and lotus add a freshness of sea breeze that romantic scents of coastal woods. A rich, bold and woody aroma, is what this daytime cologne provides to the men.