7 Best Smelling Cologne for Men In 2017

Nautica Classic Cologne for Men by Nautica

With the notes of lavender, rose, moss, amber and musk, Nautica Classic cologne was launched in 1992. It’s a very clean smelling cologne with oceanic breeze fragrance. This is something you would like to fall in love with. The users call it very uplifting, very soapy, and very fresh. However, if you have sensitive nose it is advised to not to use it. Still, it is one of the best smelling cologne for men available with an aquatic feel and you will realize an aura of fresh ocean breeze around you. It is best smelling scent if you want to uplift your mood and be more productive and creative.

Mont Blanc Legend Cologne for Men by Mont Blanc

The ultimate rich blend of bergamot, pineapple leaf, tonka bean, and sandalwood notes will give a distinct and striking feeling of living life to its fullest. The cologne initially introduced by Mont Blanc in April 2011 and since then, the cologne is managed to win the heart around the world. This black beauty is crafted by well-recognized perfumer Olivier Pescheux.

Best Smelling Cologne For Men
Mont Blanc are known worldwide for their high-end, luxury products

Mont Blanc Legend is dedicated to all those inspiring and self-confident men who are passionate, courageous and authentic. The smelling fragrance is a refined perfume, but striking and masculine in scent. The design of legend is simple yet luxurious with a perfect curve of metallic color.