Best Smelling Cologne for Men for Newbies

Newbie to Cologne?

If you’re new to the whole cologne thing, here is some simple advice for you. Choose a cologne that smells like you. Finding the best smelling cologne for men isn’t easy so before you get overwhelmed by all the choices out there, let’s clear a few things up. First of all, cologne and after shave are NOT the same. Now that we’ve got that down, let’s make a clear difference between perfume, eau de toilette, and cologne.

Best Smelling Perfume For Men
Here is some useful advice for all those cologne newbies

It all starts with the perfume since this type of liquid has a very potent smell of about 15%-40% of pure perfume extract. This means that the smell is super strong. If you look at the regular offer, you won’t see many perfumes for men on the market. This is because they are very pricey due to the extra strong presence of pure perfume extract.

Ones that you do find on the shelves will look and feel a little bit different on the skin. First distinction will be that it won’t have a spray, but it will most probably be in a stopper bottle. This is because perfume for men is less diluted and thus thicker so it doesn’t require spraying but rather dabbing it on. Also, best make sure not to overdo it, just a small drop of perfume on your wrists is enough to get you through the day.