How to choose the best smelling cologne for men

Cologne or Aftershave?

If you’re one of those people who can’t tell the difference between a cologne and an aftershave, you better read this article through. Many men are unsure on the differences of the make up of an aftershave versus a perfume. Not only does wearing the right cologne make you irresistible to the opposite sex, it also makes you look a lot more serious and distinguishes you from the crowd. With the sea of products out there, finding the best smelling cologne for men can be a hard task. Going to the shop and smelling bottle after bottle of cologne won’t get you anything because (if you’ve ever done this) you’d know that after the third bottle you pick up, they all start to smell the same.

Best Smelling Cologne For Men
So many perfumes, colognes and aftershaves on the market

If you’re a novice in cologne shopping there are some tips and tricks you should use to help ease your search. Different fragrances suit different occasions and attire. This means you won’t be spraying on the same thing when you go bowling as well as when you take out that special someone. Same criteria applies to times of day and seasons. It’s all about finding the perfect scent for your spirit.