How to choose the best smelling cologne for men

What is your personality?

Take comfort in the fact that really, there is no absolute right choice you can make when choosing cologne. Every person has a distinct personality and character and therefore suits different fragrances. If you ever got a bottle of cologne as a present, chances are, you didn’t like it. This is because smells really do fit people differently. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment, by all means, go out and try out as many different fragrances as you’d like, but make sure to only leave the store with that one, perfect for you.

Best Smelling Perfume For Men
Experiment with different smelling colognes

This is a smell that will define you and linger on even when you’re not in the room. It’s scientifically proven that people most commonly assign memories based on the specific smell they experienced. So if you really want to leave a long lasting impression you’re going to need your very own signature cologne. To help you on this quest, here are out top three suggestions.