How to choose the best smelling cologne for men

Be, and smell, Unique

You’re looking to be unique and leave people talking about you long after you’ve gone.  Aventus by Creed is probably the best smelling perfume for men that has this effect. This is a fragrance that will get your more compliments than you could ever dream of. It is a product of an unusually successful fusion of a variety of fruity European scents carefully permeated by an irresistible wooden smoky aroma. You would wear it with a well-tailored suit when you want to make an excellent impression. If your day goes long, worry not because Aventus is made to last for 12 hours and more. The cologne was created after the character of the great conqueror Napoleon and most of the ingredients in the fragrance are his favorites.

Best Smelling Cologne For Men
An unusually successful fusion of a variety of fruity European scents

The second, bit different scent you should be on the lookout when you’re trying to find the best smelling cologne for men is Artisan – John Varvatos. This is a very different scent than the previous one. At first sniff, it will smell just fruity but the trick is to put it on, look in the mirror are see the transformation.

Artisan is more than a cologne, it helps you boost confidence when you need it most. It’s not as posh as Aventus but it still retains a note of elegance so you can combine it with different clothes combinations. Artisan – John Varvatos is a harmonic blend of citric and herbal layers of orange blossom and clementine with ginger there to add that certain kind of zest and energy. The natural scents compliment the salty air of the sea so make sure to pack it when going on a vacation.